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British Museum

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Saturday was the last meetup before Christmas with Drawing London on Location at the British Museum. I decided to travel light with just my smaller sketchbook, pen, pencil, putty rubber, waterbrushes and watercolours. I was a little worried as I had really not enjoyed sketching at the Natural History Museum and I have to admit that I turned up a little early with the intention of running away if I just couldn’t find anything I wanted to draw or if it was just too busy.

As it goes I shouldn’t have worried. The British Museum was a perfect place to sketch. Large scale views in the Great Court, comfortable and warm, plenty of space. They even provide folding sketching stools to take around with you if you need them. The day we were there it snowed quite hard (2 or 3 inches between the time I got on the tube in the morning and when I finished sketching in the evening) so it wasn’t too busy either, although I did arrive there looking like a walking snowman.

By the time the others arrived I had already scoped out what I wanted to draw and was itching to start. Because of the cold and lack of indoor sketching opportunities recently, I really wanted to take on something ambitious and time consuming. I really love all the creamy coloured, sandblasted, Palladian, stone columns and modern glass roof structure designed by Norman Foster in the Great Court. So I parked myself on one of the staircases next to the reading room, put on my large headphones so that I would be left alone and got thoroughly absorbed in my sketch for about 4 hours.

The roof was quite a challenge all by itself, after I had sketched it and rubbed it out the 2nd time I was wondering if I had bitten off more than I could chew. The snow on the glass roof made the light quite strange all day and unfortunately it all changed while I added the colour as the sun had set and the lighting in the courtyard was all turned on. I nearly ended up getting turfed out when they shut the upper levels just as I started to add the colour but the very accommodating guard kindly let me stay and simply taped me in. I really needed a good day sketching like this, I have a feeling I will be back at the British Museum again before the winter is over.

It’s finished but could this be more girly?

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

I promise I really have never been very girly so I really do not know where all this pink keeps coming from, and flowers and butterflies?!? Huh? I must be posessed by some cutesey nice fairy. I feel the need to draw something unwholesome now to compensate.

Not sure about the colours on this now that it is finished. I scanned the linework before I started adding the colour so I might have a go at digitally colouring it. This will give me a chance to try out Gimp which I have just installed on my laptop. I may even use the opportunity to get rid of that flower at the top in the middle that keeps screaming at me ‘I’m a big ugly sore thumb!’.

Sneaky Peek

Friday, December 10th, 2010

I just wanted to put a little post up here to let you know I’ve not dropped off the end of the earth and I haven’t been completely idle either. Have been finding this winter very hard going and really struggling to keep finding things to draw but I am getting there slowly so there will be more up here soon.

To prove it here is a little sneaky peek for you at something I am working on at the moment.

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