Scott Baio Gave Me Pinkeye

As long as I remember I have always been lucky or unlucky enough to have very vivid dreams (lucky or unlucky depending on the dream). However, recently I have been sleeping a lot more lightly, waking several times through the night and remembering more of my dreams.

I am usually aware to some degree that I am dreaming and can therefore sometimes steer the course of my dreams which can be quite fun, like watching a film where you can control the plot.

One of the coolest dreams I ever had has really stuck with me. I have a feeling that I have embelished my memory of the dream somewhat, as my memory of this dream is a lot more polished and makes more sense than my dreams usually do. In this dream I was on the run from some bad guys who were after me because I had super powers and they wanted to find out how they worked. they caught up with me but I could control energy levels and locations of materials at atomic and molecular level. This meant that I could fly, I could create walls of ice from the air, I could boil the ice at will and I could control the weather. In my dream I used all of these powers to fight the bad guys and I won! I could also change my clothing and appearance including my hair colour etc at will. The only thing that I could not change was the striking unatural violet colour of my eyes.

I woke up feeling like I had been inside a very exciting film in full glorious technicolour and that I was the star.

These came out a bit more pink than I had planned, although the scan seems to be closer to the colour I intended, but you get the idea.

Over the last day or two I have added a few links to the sidebar of this site, these are mainly to the blogs of other artists and illustrators who I follow and find very inspiring. Do check them out, there is some beautiful work out there. I will try to keep these up to date but please let me know if you find any broken links.

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2 Responses to “Scott Baio Gave Me Pinkeye”

  1. Delia Says:


    The eyes remind me of a feline and the color is unusual. Isn’t it great when inspiration comes when you least expect it?

    I see you’ve read The Gargoyle. Did you like it? I have it in my to-read pile and was just wondering…

  2. AmyStace Says:

    Thanks Delia

    I think that is the point of inspiration, you never expect it when an idea comes to you (I often can’t even remember how or why an idea came to me). The trick is to remember all the ideas and build on them.

    Yes, I have read the Gargoyle and I LOVED it! It is exactly the kind of book I like. A bit dark and uncomfortable at times. A great love story (doomed to repeat over the ages). Several other side storylines all beautiful and interesting in their own ways. Unapologetically imperfect characters who all have value beyond their flaws so you feel they are worth investing your time in. And to top it off a satisfying ending, not sappy but complete, leaving hope for the future.

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