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Vector Orchids

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Orchids are my favorite flower. When I was in Singapore several years ago I visited the orchid gardens on Sentosa island. Mat and I spent a lot of time walking around the gardens and as I didn’t have a camera of my own in those days Mat kindly leant me his so that I could take some photos. If I had been allowed to I’m sure I could have spent the rest of our holiday in those gardens alone!

I decided to have a go at converting one of my favourite photos that I took that day into a vector drawing using the iPad app iDraw by Indeeo. I was quite pleased with the result.

The reference photo:

My vector drawing:

Unfortunately there are bugs in iDraw and for this drawing I had to keep remembering to close and reopen it to save each tiny change to avoid the frustration of loosing a significant chunk of work. However there is a new update just out and hopefully this will fix these issues.

New Toy

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

There is going to be a fair bit of old news on my blog for a little while. By the time I finally decided to start writing it down I had already collected quite a few things I wanted to blog about. The first on the list has to be my (relatively) new toy.

It seems that I have become one of those slightly overexcited early adopter Apple Fans and a bit of a gadget hoarder. When I first heard about the iPad, before it was released in the US, I thought, ‘that sounds cool and I will no doubt get one in the future but I’ll leave it about a year for the kinks to be ironed out and to give iPad apps time to come down to sensible prices’. Then the iPad was released in the US but was not yet released in the UK. This meant I had time to read reviews and watch videos online before preorder was available here. The temptation proved too great and I preordered mine the first day I was able to.

In the end what swayed it for me was a couple of the apps that I found out would be available from day one and thinking about how I used the gadgets I already have.

1) I already read most of my books as ebooks either on my iPhone or my Kindle (I already mentioned the unhealthy gadget habit right?). I had found out that a couple of the eReader apps that I already use would also be available on the iPad and I liked the idea of reading on a larger backlit screen.

2) I tend to be an impulsive Internet user, when I think of something I like to look it up straight away. I do not have the patience to wait for my PC to boot up so it had got to the point that I was doing most of my Internet surfing on my iPhone. So an iPhone with a huge screen? Brilliant!

3) I had tried to use Autodesk sketchbook Mobile on my iPhone and although I could see the potential I found it almost impossible to use because the iPhone screen is too small. I figured a large screen would make it brilliant. I then found out Sketchbook Pro would be available on the iPad straight away.

When my new toy arrived I had the usual frustration of waiting the best part of a day for it to sync but once that was out of the way I finally got started playing around with it on 29th May and I knew I had done the right thing getting it. I love it!

So far the best app I have found is one that I knew nothing at all about. An app called iDraw for creating vector graphics. I had never played around with vectors before and I found it very entertaining and was very satisfied with what I could produce. The only problem I have found is that as it is a new app and they are working very hard to introduce new features ASAP, as a result it can be a bit temperamental and crashy so I have to remember to save very often.

Below are two images I produced during my first weekend with my iPad. The first was produced using Sketchbook Pro and the second using iDraw.

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