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Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

New Item for sale in my Etsy Shop:

I mentioned in a previous post that I was thinking of revisiting the patterns I saw in the clusters of mussels found on the rocks on the north coast of Cornwall. This, in addition to the beautiful colours of the Cornish sea provided the inspiration for my abstract drawing ‘Cluster’.

The original drawing ‘Cluster’ is now for sale in my etsy shop here for £30. It measures 7″x10″ in size, is drawn on rough grain mould made cotton watercolour paper and was created using a fountain pen with Noodlers Bulletproof black ink and coloured using Prismacolour pencils. All materials used are of archival quality and should resist fading or discolouring over time.

Illusio Creative – Art for African Famine

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Well I have been full of cold and not very productive for the past week or so. I have a few bits ready to scan and put up here but, between work, sleeping and generally feeling grotty I’m afraid I do not have much of my own to say.

So I thought I would use the opportunity to support an appeal from fellow blogger and illustrator Lorrie Whittington – Illusio Creative.

Lorrie is auctioning two of her beautiful original illustrations and all of the proceeds will go to UNICEF.

Falling Leaves
Falling Leaves – By Lorrie Whittington

Lorrie says:

“As we are all aware, there is a crisis in Africa; drought, conflict, escalating food prices have created a serious shortage bordering on famine, and it’s getting worse. They need our aid, children are dying, more will die soon. To that end I am auctioning two of my original illustrations never before offered for sale, as I had not intended to part with them. However, I feel that this is an important cause, so there we have it.”

Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves – By Lorrie Whittington

It can be very hard to part with something you have created with love and have a particular affection for. Each illustration has a starting bid of £20 but Lorrie would never normally part with an illustration for this little let alone ones that she is attached to in this way so please support this very worthy cause generously so that Lorrie knows that it was worthwhile.

Full details of how to bid etc can be found here: Art Auction for African Famine Appeal

Fierce Floral

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

I am very excited to say that I recently ordered some Giclee prints of some of my drawings and they arrived in the mail today :) I have also been working hard on finding ways to sell these prints online and hopefully in the next few days I will be launching a new shop section on this website where people will be able to buy my prints and original art work as I produce it.

To begin with I will be selling limited edition individually signed and numbered prints in various sizes, of 6 of my drawings, 3 of which will be pieces I have previously posted on this blog and 3 are new pieces.

Fierce Floral is the first of my new drawings. I produced the original artwork for a friend of mine, Erwin, who gave me the detailed brief of ‘I’d like something, about this size, in red and green’! Luckily for me once it was complete he loved the original. I’m hoping that you all love it too!

For anyone unfamiliar with Giclee prints, these are high quality reproductions of original artwork, printed using archival quality pigment inks and papers so that they can stand the test of time and resist fading or discolouring. In some cases they can last longer than the original work depending on the materials used.

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