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Eden Project

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

I have just returned from a very relaxing week in Cornwall. Away from all mobile signal and although I did have access to the web and a TV I pretty much ended up avoiding both. I hadn’t planned to do this but I must admit it was nice to take a break and good to be back online again now :)

I haven’t been completely idle while I was away. I have recently finished a couple of larger pieces that I had been asked to produce for friends. These are larger detailed pieces and I will soon be selling prints of these and a few of my older pieces through this website and Etsy. I have been talking about doing this for a while but I have finally got around to doing my homework and I’m nearly there, so watch this space.

A while before we went away I checked to see if there would be any gigs at the Eden Project while we were in Cornwall and for once there was, so I got Mat and I a pair of tickets to see Primal Scream perform Screamadelica.

We decided to head down early and make a day of it as we hadn’t been around the gardens and biomes for a few years, plus it would give me the chance to get at least one location sketch done during the holiday. I set myself up on a bench with a good view of the valley for an hour or so to sketch. While I was there Primal Scream themselves turned up on the stage to sound test and played a few of their best known tracks.

I had to stop before I was finished, to go and see Robin Ince doing a short gig in the Mediterranean Biome. I was planning to finish the sketch from photos but on second thoughts I decided I quite like it unfinished.

I have wanted to catch a gig there since I found out that they use it as a concert venue some years ago on a previous holiday. It is such a beautiful peaceful place and the Biomes and gardens make for a dramatic backdrop especially after the sun sets and they start to light the place up. Check out my snaps below.

Apart from the main gig and warm up acts across three stages, a couple of other highlights of the day were drinking a baobab smoothy and when a lady in the rainforest Biome decided to complain to me about the noise of the sound tests and warm up acts and asked me if I agreed, ‘doesn’t it spoil the peace?’ I replied apologetically that as I had paid to see the concert, I couldn’t really comment. She then apologised to me, not sure why.

Summer’s Not Quite Finished Yet

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Face it, I’m English and am therefore obsessed with the weather…

Since the beginning of August my friends on Facebook and the Brits I follow on Twitter have been moaning that autumn has come early this year. I think this year has been a fantastic summer. We barely had any rain from around April to the end of July and then when the rain did come in August it was proper heavy quick hot summer stormy rain. As far as I’m concerned my summer is not over just yet.

This feels like the first year in a long time that we have had clear distinct seasons in the UK. Normally our seasons seem to range from a brief period of cold and dry, to an even briefer period of warmish, linked together by a whole lot of wet, grey and miserable. Maybe it is just because I have taken more advantage of the good weather to get out sketching this year.

We have taken the risk on the English weather three years running for our summer holidays and so far we’ve been lucky. We have had a few rainy days but these were all the better for hiding inside and catching up on the growing book pile (virtual book pile that is, it is far too easy to spend money on the Amazon Kindle). This year the weather was good enough that at least one evening we were able to sit out at the beach watching the sun set over the sea while drinking bottles of cold cider (yes we were sat on a park bench drinking cider straight from the bottle but the view made it classy OK?! ;)

Btw for an amusing take on the English obsession with the weather and more side splitting yet embarrassingly accurate observations of other English quirks please read the book Watching The English by Kate Fox I cannot recommend it highly enough.


Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

We have just got back from a week away in Cornwall. I’m not going to say exactly where because it is a lovely quiet village and I would like to keep it that way ;)

It was a quiet holiday, we have been there a couple of times before so don’t feel much of a need to go out and see other places in the area. Just a great opportunity to relax and unwind. However this year was a little different as I did get out and do a few sketches around the village and the cliffs.

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