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I’m still here…honest!

Friday, December 16th, 2011

Oh dear, poor, poor neglected blog. Over 3 months since my last post!

Outside of work I have a habit of getting completely absorbed in new projects. I only seem to have enough room in my head to focus on a few passions at once and when I get into something new this usually means that I start to neglect something else (like this blog).

Over the past few months I have found myself focusing on a few new projects. I will update you on these over the next few posts.

However I have been inspired to start posting here again…

Last Saturday I had to go up to South Yorkshire to work, but once I had finished in the afternoon I had a little time to spare before I needed to head home to London and I remembered reading in Lynne Chapman’s blog that the Sketchcrawl North group was meeting in Sheffield. I couldn’t make most of the day (a visit to a museum in the morning) but I made it in time to join the group and catch the end of the first Dr Sketchy event in Sheffield.

Dr Sketchy’s is a global franchise, they bill themselves as the anti-art school. At their events they get together fabulous (and raunchy) burlesque performers to pose for an audience of sketchers. They also run several competitions during the course of the event in which they ask the performers to choose their favorite drawing of their pose. The Sheffield event had a 1920s theme which carried through the costumes, music and the competition prises.

I only made it for the last 3 poses but my 2nd sketch (above) won me this prize. A fabulous Gin bottle necklace by Tatty Devine!

After all the sketching had finished the group made their way down to the bar to share sketchbooks. I was in for a real treat. There were some fantastic sketchbooks for me to see. I also got the chance to look at not only Lynne’s wonderful sketchbooks full of wonderful loose, fluid colourful sketches but also one of Andrea Joseph‘s beautiful detailed sketch books. I have followed both Lynne’s and Andrea’s blogs for some time and I always look forward to their posts so it was wonderful to not only have the chance to meet them but also to see their fabulous sketches in person! If I’m honest I was probably a little bit starstruck ;)

All in all I had a great day (even if I did have to work on a Saturday) and it was lovely to meet such a talented bunch of people, Hopefully I will have reason to travel up north and join them again sometime in the future.

East End Meetup

Monday, June 6th, 2011

A few weekends ago Drawing London on Location met up at Liverpool St Station for a sketch walk in Spitalfields, up Brick Lane towards Hoxton Square.

I started off with this very rushed 40 minute sketch of Spitalfields Market.

We then walked up to the top of Brick Lane. I had seen a couple of things that I fancied sketching but they were further back down the road. As we only had about 30 to 40 minutes and I was feeling too lazy to walk back, I twisted a couple of arms to get a few people to join me in a local bar to sketch a couple of quick portraits and so that I could drink a refreshing pint of cider ;).

The first is of Tom, The second is Andrew. This was the last spread in my Large Moleskine, finished around a year after I started drawing again.

After Brick Lane we walked over to Hoxton Square. We had planned to sit in the park there but it was closed for refurbishment so we headed over to the churchyard in Shoreditch. Most people chose to sketch each other (Adam’s sketch of me and a few others here) I chose to do this final sketch of the day of Boundry Rd in a new pocket Moleskine I have started, with the intention to keep it in my bag everyday in case I get the urge to sketch.


Friday, October 29th, 2010

Last week I found a website that lists all the talks and lectures going on around London . I noticed that there was a lecture from Professor Frank Close about Neutrinos on Thursday that week at the Royal Institution. My friend Naomi, her partner Franc and I went along and had a very good evening rounded off with a very nice chinese meal in one of Franc’s favourite restaurants.

Neutrinos are tiny particles that are so small they have virtually no mass at all. As they are chargeless and nearly massless they are very difficult to detect but they are also very numerous, in fact billions of them are passing through your eyeballs as you read this. But this isn’t a Physics Blog so if you would like to know more the Wiki page is here

I did a quick sketch while the lecture took place and then added a bit of colour afterwards. I realised while I was there that this was the first Physics lecture I had been to since I graduated around 8 years ago.

More Holiday Sketches

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

A couple more sketches from my holiday in Cornwall. I didn’t have much time for each of these hence them looking a little unfinished.

That said I still managed to get my left arm sunburnt while doing the first sketch. That is the second time I’ve got burnt while sketching, I think I just assume that there is no way the sun will be out long enough to burn in the UK. I will learn my lesson and buy a small squeezy bottle to put suntan lotion in that will fit in with my sketching gear.

I think the bird in this sketch is a kestrel. It kindly hovered and posed just in front of me for some time before suddenly diving to catch some lunch.


Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

We have just got back from a week away in Cornwall. I’m not going to say exactly where because it is a lovely quiet village and I would like to keep it that way ;)

It was a quiet holiday, we have been there a couple of times before so don’t feel much of a need to go out and see other places in the area. Just a great opportunity to relax and unwind. However this year was a little different as I did get out and do a few sketches around the village and the cliffs.

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